Patience with Accordia Golf

Oops, in the midst of all the excitement around dividends, I forgot to update my Q4 2018 Dividend tracking table. I apologise for this tardiness especially if you plan to use it for your own dividend tracking. I aim to do better next quarter. A "hefty" dividend week has come and left but thankfully, it … Continue reading Patience with Accordia Golf


Keenly Await Singtel Dividends

Singtel is my biggest holding. It will release its first half results and interim dividend this coming Thursday. I expect Singtel to follow through on its commitments and declare 6.8 cents per share of dividends, or 2.1% yield this time, in support of the expected total dividend of 17.5 cents per share (or 5.5% yield) … Continue reading Keenly Await Singtel Dividends