Singapore Saving Bond (SSB)

My latest blog on SSB:


In order to encourage my readers to invest in Singapore Saving Bond, I have created this permanent feature on this blog.

The SSB Website

Details on this month’s offer of SSB

Historical 10th Year Yields


Why do I invest in SSB?

There are already a lot of other financial bloggers who have highlighted the benefits of investing in SSB and so I won’t repeat it here.

For me, it is a great place to park my “war chest”. Many financial bloggers have already mentioned about the benefits of having a war chest ready to be deployed. I think this is a better option that keeping the “chest” in the bank and earning very low-interest rate. I can always withdraw it and still earn interest, unlike the fixed deposit. SSB can be considered a “risk-free” investment since it is issued by the Singapore Government, with a AAA credit rating.

Warning though: you can only get the money on the first working day of the following month if you indicate to redeem the SSB. Not exactly fully liquid but I think it is good enough.

From their website:

It is SAFE: Savings Bonds are fully backed by the Singapore Government. In addition, you can always get your investment amount back in full with no capital losses.

It can be a LONG TERM investment: Invest for up to ten years, with interest that increases over time. The longer you save, the higher your return.

It is FLEXIBLE: Or, choose to exit your investment in any given month, with no penalties. There is no need to decide on a specific investment period at the start.

Do you want to invest in SSB too?

As per all investment options, you need to evaluate this with your investment objective in mind. How much free cash do you have? What returns are you targeting for? And what’s your risk appetite?

At the very least, I think you should consider this as one of your options to invest (or park) your hard-earned money.

All the best!