Warriortan Watchlist: Q2’17 Results Dates & Dividend Declared

Updated: 17th May 2017

Contributed by: Warriortan, #investforyourself

Q2’17 Results Release and Dividend Declared

What would you get for passive income (via dividend payable) in May & June if you hold a 1000 shares of each of the company below? (updated as results are released)

Your passive income will be $ 1374.70

Date Company Dividend cents/shares Last DivCum Date Relative to last 4 Quarters
10-Apr SPHReit 1.4 c over Stable
12-Apr Soilbuild 1.489 c over Down
SPH 6.0 c over Down
17-Apr KeppelDC NotDeclared
First Reit 2.140 c over Rise
M1 NotDeclared
19-Apr KeppelReit 1.450 c over Down
CCT NotDeclared
20-Apr KeppelCorp NotDeclared
CapitaMall 2.730 c over Down
SGX 5.0 c over Stable
Cache 1.8 c over Down
21-Apr Ascott Reit NotDeclared
FraserComm 2.5057 c over Rise
CapitaChinaRetail NotDeclared
24-Apr MIT 2.88 c over Rise
HPT NotDeclared
25-Apr MCT 2.26 c over Down
Parkwaylife 3.28 c over Rise
FraserCtrptTrust 3.04 c over Rise
Areit 1.959 c over NM
Ho Bee NotDeclared
26-Apr MGCCT 3.731 c over Rise
Capitaland NotDeclared
AscendasIndia 2.96 c over Rise
HL Finance NotDeclared
Suntec 2.425 c over Rise
CDLHospTrust NotDeclared
27-Apr Mapletree Log 1.86 c over Down
AA Reit 2.78 c over Rise
Starhill 1.18 c over Down
28-Apr Fraser Hospitality 2.5321 c over Down
UOB NotDeclared
VIVA 1.573 c over Rise
2-May Manulife NotDeclared
DBS NotDeclared
3-May Starhub 4.0 c over Down
4-May LippoMall 0.89 c over Rise
OUE-Hospitality 1.3 c over Down
5-May FraserLog 3.49 c over Rise
OUE-Com NotDeclared
8-May Perennial NotDeclared
9-May OCBC NotDeclared
QAF NotDeclared
Sabana 0.88 c over Down
11-May FrasersCentrept 2.4 c over
Hotung 14.38 c over
Wilmar NotDeclared
WingTai NotDeclared
CityDev NotDeclared
AHT 3.01 c over Down
I-Reit NotDeclared
12-May SIA EC 15 c 24-Jul
St Engin NotDeclared
AsianPayTV 1.625 c 13-Jun Stable
SingPost 0.5 c 24-Jul
Wheelock NotDeclared
ThaiBev 0.8 c (SG) over Stable
FEHT 0.93 c over Down
15-May Croesus NotDeclared
18-May Singtel 10.7 c Jul/Aug Stable
19-May GLP 6 c 2-Aug
SATS 11 c 24-Jul
25-May Accordia Golf 3.59 c 8-Jun Down

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