Dividends, Treasury Notes and Me

I like to extend a warm welcome to the five new subscribers who joined us since the last blog post. Your support is a major motivator to me to keep this going. I am sure most of you would have heard of, read about or tracked the recent steep rise in the yields of 10 … Continue reading Dividends, Treasury Notes and Me


Rising rates – Its going to be painful

  1/3/6 Months SIBOR rates are climbing fast Just went to have a look at the Sibor rates provided by DBS. Got a bit of a rude shock - the 1, 3 and 6 months Sibor rates for Jan 2018 are at the 3 years high (2015/2016/2017 & Jan 2018). 1 month is 1.331% (Q4 … Continue reading Rising rates – Its going to be painful