Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

Some of you who have started following my blog earlier may remember that I have an Index Portfolio (modeled after a permanent portfolio concept) alongside my Growth/Income Portfolio. It has been a long time since I last spoke about it, so I thought I will do it today. While I was actively managing (aka trading) … Continue reading Index Portfolio Delivering its Value


AsianPayTV … I fainted!

When I saw the sharp drop in Asian Pay TV Trust (APTT) share price last night, I fainted. Boy, it was a whopping 50% drop in its share price overnight. Checking it out, this drop was purely in response to their latest dividend guidance of 1.2 cents annually for 2019 and 2020. This "1.2 cents" … Continue reading AsianPayTV … I fainted!

Dangerous to buy based on yield

When I mentioned that Capitaland Retail China's 7.7% yield was attractive in my previous post, one reader rightly pointed out that it isĀ "dangerous to buy based on yield". I cannot agree more. I hope NONE of you will go away with this idea after reading my blog that we should only look at dividend yield … Continue reading Dangerous to buy based on yield