My Portfolio Management Philosophy

Below is a comparison of my Top-10 holdings at end 24 Oct and end Aug 2019. End Oct-19 End Aug-19 1. Singtel (same) Singtel 2. OUE (up from #10) OUE Com Reit 3. Eagle Hospitality (up from #9) Raffles Medical 4. Centurion (-) Q&M 5. Q&M (down from #4) Accordia Golf 6. Raffles Medical (down … Continue reading My Portfolio Management Philosophy


My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

In the last few days, 2 blog topics caught my attention - one is about investment outside Singapore, particularly into the US markets and the other is about entering (Or not) the market when everyone is fearful. The first topic was posted by SG ThumbTack Investor on 14-Sep: To Infinity & Beyond? Nah! The second … Continue reading My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

Thank you & Goodbye OUE Hospitality

The uneasy peace in Hong Kong was broken yesterday. It just added more frost to the freezing winds that are blowing through the global markets since China and President Trump escalated the trade war tension in the last few days. (Sigh) Anyway, this blog is not meant to be a pessimistic one. It is one … Continue reading Thank you & Goodbye OUE Hospitality

FIRE seems farther away from me now

If you have not read the Invest section of last Sunday Straits Time, you have missed out on a few good articles related to financial planning. One of them is on "Financial Planning for the Sandwich Generation". I find the "advice" provided very useful, insightful and practical. These "advice" are in essence, the critiques from … Continue reading FIRE seems farther away from me now

My confidence in SPH as a secured dividend company just took a hit

Q2 earnings reporting has already started. As usual, the first one off the block in my watchlist was SPH Reit and then followed by SPH. Being an income investor, the first thing that I looked out for was the dividend. SPH Reit declared DPU of 1.41 cents close to that of the same quarter last … Continue reading My confidence in SPH as a secured dividend company just took a hit

Not a profitable 2018 but I have made progress.

Not withstanding 2018 has not been a profitable year for me, I have made several forward strides in my investment journey. Some of them are: I am fully invested now. Thus, cash is limited for any major change in investment strategy. I have built a portfolio that I am confident it will deliver 5% dividend … Continue reading Not a profitable 2018 but I have made progress.

Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

Some of you who have started following my blog earlier may remember that I have an Index Portfolio (modeled after a permanent portfolio concept) alongside my Growth/Income Portfolio. It has been a long time since I last spoke about it, so I thought I will do it today. While I was actively managing (aka trading) … Continue reading Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

Dangerous to buy based on yield

When I mentioned that Capitaland Retail China's 7.7% yield was attractive in my previous post, one reader rightly pointed out that it is "dangerous to buy based on yield". I cannot agree more. I hope NONE of you will go away with this idea after reading my blog that we should only look at dividend yield … Continue reading Dangerous to buy based on yield