High Gearing; I Don’t Dare

This is the 3rd and last of my series of blogs inspired by last Sunday Invest Section .. it is timely too as weekend is just one hour away. This blog was inspired by my missus' question to me when we were reading a specific article. And she asked,  "How come people can buy so many … Continue reading High Gearing; I Don’t Dare

Are we prepared for Black Swan?

As the events unfolded on Thursday night and Friday in the stock market, I couldn't help but recall these 2 articles that I read earlier this week by STE (about patience) and Brian of 3Fs (about holding cash). How timely and apt these articles were. I also reflected on my most recent post (about being … Continue reading Are we prepared for Black Swan?

Why do I invest in Malaysian properties?

J: I am a Singaporean PR, still stubbornly holding on to my Malaysian citizenship, unlike many other comrades who have 'jumped ship'. My strategy is earn SGD and invest in properties in Malaysia. All properties are for rental income in the period prior to retirement and to pass on freehold titles to my children. At … Continue reading Why do I invest in Malaysian properties?