Dividend Plan On Track

It has always been my aspiration to build an overall portfolio that can provide me with a consistent passive income of about 5% dividend yield in preparation for the time when I am no longer active at work. I reckon that my family will need an annual "income" of $72000 or $6000 a month to … Continue reading Dividend Plan On Track


Optimal Portfolio Diversification

Today, I welcome another new reader who has signed up to follow my blog. Thank you very much. I have two new subscribers in two days. Wow! Just this alone is sufficient to motivate me to do another blog post 🙂 In one of my blog posts, a fellow blogger commented "I personally only have … Continue reading Optimal Portfolio Diversification

Q2 Review: Swopped Reits to Equities

I spent the morning analysing and reflecting on the changes in my active portfolio in the last quarter. Some of my findings surprised me even. So thought of sharing it with you ... Surprise #1: STI has a rather subdued Q2 STI climbed from 3171.11 on 30Mar to 3226.48 on 30June, rising only 1.75%. This … Continue reading Q2 Review: Swopped Reits to Equities

My 5 Biggest Stock Exposures by Value – Q2’17 Update

In mid March this year, the following companies were my five biggest exposures by value. Their respective weightage in my portfolio is also given below: As @ 18/3/2017 Soilbuild Reit 5.2% Ascendas Reit 4.2% Ascott Reits 4.0% Frasers Com Trust 3.6% SPH Reit 3.5% I believe the first thing that strikes you from this table … Continue reading My 5 Biggest Stock Exposures by Value – Q2’17 Update