Glad that Net Worth is Holding On

Many things happened in the investment world in the last 3 months. I am just glad that my dividend yield target stays on track to deliver 5% return by end 2018 and my net "worth" has managed to hold on. I started tracking my net worth quarterly since Q4 last year because I came to believe that … Continue reading Glad that Net Worth is Holding On


Dividend Plan On Track

It has always been my aspiration to build an overall portfolio that can provide me with a consistent passive income of about 5% dividend yield in preparation for the time when I am no longer active at work. I reckon that my family will need an annual "income" of $72000 or $6000 a month to … Continue reading Dividend Plan On Track

March On Towards Financial Freedom

I always find it inspiring to read the stories and feel the relentless drive by some very young people towards financial independence.  One of them is Dave and Kate, the authors behind the "Minimalist In the City" who blog delicately with a good command of the English language about "random thoughts and journey towards a … Continue reading March On Towards Financial Freedom