Composition of My Index Portfolio

As of today, the Bonds : Equities : Gold : Reits ratio is 34% : 42.5% : 5% : 18.5%. very close to my target ratio of 35% : 40% : 5% : 20%. There is a request for me to share the composition of my index portfolio, so here's it goes ... the main … Continue reading Composition of My Index Portfolio

Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

Some of you who have started following my blog earlier may remember that I have an Index Portfolio (modeled after a permanent portfolio concept) alongside my Growth/Income Portfolio. It has been a long time since I last spoke about it, so I thought I will do it today. While I was actively managing (aka trading) … Continue reading Index Portfolio Delivering its Value

SG : A Great place for Dividend Seekers

If you are a Singapore resident and hoping to rely on dividends as a main form of your passive income, you don't have to look overseas, our Singapore market is a great place to help you do so. Finding that difficult to believe ... just read the following: STI ETFDon't know how to choose stock, … Continue reading SG : A Great place for Dividend Seekers