Queen Mary (EHT)

It has been almost a month since my last post. There was no new inspiration that came to me to want to pen something down in the last few weeks. However, its a different story on the trading front. Reflecting on my trading activities for the last few weeks, I realise that I did quite … Continue reading Queen Mary (EHT)


My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

In the last few days, 2 blog topics caught my attention - one is about investment outside Singapore, particularly into the US markets and the other is about entering (Or not) the market when everyone is fearful. The first topic was posted by SG ThumbTack Investor on 14-Sep: To Infinity & Beyond? Nah! The second … Continue reading My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

Investing In Uncertain Times

Should I be surprised? Thanos Trump just snapped his fingers again and the US stock markets (and probably the rest of the world come Monday) had a rude shock and reacted violently. (Sign) ... how should we invest in such turbulent and uncertain times? Even big corporations are struggling with investment decisions now with so … Continue reading Investing In Uncertain Times

The Importance of Diversification

For those who followed the local stock market, you would not have missed the big news that YangZiJiang (YZJ) Shipbuilding has requested for a trading halt after the Singapore Exchange (SGX) flagged “unusual price movements” in the company’s shares on Thursday 8/8/2019. It had fallen 20% or $0.26 to S$1.04 on heavy volume of 83.7 million shares … Continue reading The Importance of Diversification