2019 Dividends Round-Up

I managed to meet my target of 5% dividend yield for 2019 by delivering 5.25% for my equity portfolios (growth and income). But this is a drop from 2018 when I got 6.0%. The absolute amount of dividends that I received is slightly lower than last year. I managed to grow my equity portfolio slightly … Continue reading 2019 Dividends Round-Up

My Portfolio Management Philosophy

Below is a comparison of my Top-10 holdings at end 24 Oct and end Aug 2019. End Oct-19 End Aug-19 1. Singtel (same) Singtel 2. OUE (up from #10) OUE Com Reit 3. Eagle Hospitality (up from #9) Raffles Medical 4. Centurion (-) Q&M 5. Q&M (down from #4) Accordia Golf 6. Raffles Medical (down … Continue reading My Portfolio Management Philosophy

My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

In the last few days, 2 blog topics caught my attention - one is about investment outside Singapore, particularly into the US markets and the other is about entering (Or not) the market when everyone is fearful. The first topic was posted by SG ThumbTack Investor on 14-Sep: To Infinity & Beyond? Nah! The second … Continue reading My portfolio aims for 50% local 50% international – Yours?

Random Thoughts about Last Week Happenings

It is a nice change after several week of losses to see "Greens" emerging on my Singapore and Hong Kong portfolios again. The Hang Seng and Strait Times Index gained about 2% each. While the gain on my Hong Kong stocks was more broad-based, this was not the case for my Singapore portfolio. It's only the … Continue reading Random Thoughts about Last Week Happenings

Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

Let me first reflect on Aug 2019 before going to the main topic. It wasn't a happy month for many investors. Most indices across the world went lower, with Hong Kong being one of the worst. Guess what, Singapore wasn't far behind. These two trading hubs are bearing the backlash from the US-China trade war. … Continue reading Is dividend growth y-o-y a must? Am I too easily contended?

Thank you & Goodbye OUE Hospitality

The uneasy peace in Hong Kong was broken yesterday. It just added more frost to the freezing winds that are blowing through the global markets since China and President Trump escalated the trade war tension in the last few days. (Sigh) Anyway, this blog is not meant to be a pessimistic one. It is one … Continue reading Thank you & Goodbye OUE Hospitality

Investing In Uncertain Times

Should I be surprised? Thanos Trump just snapped his fingers again and the US stock markets (and probably the rest of the world come Monday) had a rude shock and reacted violently. (Sign) ... how should we invest in such turbulent and uncertain times? Even big corporations are struggling with investment decisions now with so … Continue reading Investing In Uncertain Times

Index Portfolio ensures I stay invested in the market regardless

"Index Portfolio Delivering its Value" was the last time I wrote about my index portfolio many months ago. Then in the dark days in Dec 2018, my index portfolio stayed solid and was above the water when everything else seemed to be sinking. So fast forward to today, I thought I will do a write-up … Continue reading Index Portfolio ensures I stay invested in the market regardless