I think CDG will survive

Yesterday was a great day as my blog has 3 new subscribers - the most I ever had in a single day. Over the last 3 consecutive days, I have 6 new subscribers - thank you very very much! It inspires me to pen another blog post today. As you may know from my last … Continue reading I think CDG will survive


Optimal Portfolio Diversification

Today, I welcome another new reader who has signed up to follow my blog. Thank you very much. I have two new subscribers in two days. Wow! Just this alone is sufficient to motivate me to do another blog post 🙂 In one of my blog posts, a fellow blogger commented "I personally only have … Continue reading Optimal Portfolio Diversification

New Investment Strategy to build an Income Portfolio

I realised that I have been a trader but I really want to build a portfolio of "income" stocks to make sure it can provide me with a passive income of decent yield sustainably. However, the current way that I am doing it by mixing all the stocks up is not helping me to do … Continue reading New Investment Strategy to build an Income Portfolio

March On Towards Financial Freedom

I always find it inspiring to read the stories and feel the relentless drive by some very young people towards financial independence.  One of them is Dave and Kate, the authors behind the "Minimalist In the City" who blog delicately with a good command of the English language about "random thoughts and journey towards a … Continue reading March On Towards Financial Freedom

Accumulating MapleTree Commercial Trust

I did some research on MapleTree Commercial Trust (MCT) and found it a solid company to consider investing in.     Although the current share price provides good value, I will accumulate more when its share price is $1.47 and below to satisfy the “safety margin” that I set for myself. Below are my key … Continue reading Accumulating MapleTree Commercial Trust